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Keiko Fujii Dance Company at Gibney

In September, I had the privilege to perform with Keiko Fujii and her company again. We had a 3 day show run at the Gibney Theater, part of their POP program.

A review was written as well, english translation is below the picture.

Keiko Fujii Dance Company NY Concert, “魂響IIーSoul VibrationsII” went to be big success! Performing to a sellout crowd, the performance received an endless round of applause from the audience for three nights. Highly praised by Critics including Ryoichi Miura/Shukan NY Press:

〜The US premier of Keiko Fujii’s “Tamashii No Hibiki” explored the vibrations!〜

Keiko Fujii, a popular figure in both Japan and the U.S. as choreographer and dancer, produced her new work called “魂響(Tamashii no Hibiki)Ⅱ - Soul VibrationsⅡ” presented at Gibney, Manhattan from September 19-21. It marked her 13th NY concert since her NY debut in June, 1987, where she premiered "Yamato" at Lincoln Center. The concept of the performance is “To listen to the silence of the heart.” The performance inspired “Each of us has a fire in our heart for something. Find it and kept lit.”

Ms. Fujii’s style is daring and immaculate. Her enormous artistry and innovation pulsated with Japanese tradition. Her dance company accomplished wonderfully Fujii’s work which produces a dynamic style born of tradition and innovation. A great coup that wins over the audience. Full house and sold out shows for three days. by Ryoichi Miura, CEO Shukan NY Seikatsu Sat. September 28, 2019

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