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Nutcracker Time '20s

Set to Duke Ellington's jazz arrangement of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite, Act 1 opens on a hoppin’ holiday party in a NYC Brownstone at the height of the roaring 20's. At the party, Clara receives a nutcracker doll from her mysterious aunt Drossa Myer. Little does she know that the Nutcracker has a magical spell cast upon it. Later that night the Nutcracker conjures a magical snowstorm that carries Clara on a magical adventure to the 1922 World's Fair in Rio De Janiero. In Act 2, the World’s Fair, audiences will be treated to performances by a host of New York City's cultural dance companies.

For tickets:

Program A (Tuesday Dec. 15th, 8pm/ Friday Dec. 17th, 8pm) GORANA Bulgarian Folk Dance Company - Bulgarian Folk Dance Pei-Rong Wu – Chinese Fan Dance NylaPhoenix- Middle Eastern Belly Dance Ajna Dance- Semi-classical Indian/Bollywood Program B (Wednesday Dec 16th, 8pm/Saturday Dec. 19th, 7pm) Yang Wang- Chinese Folk Dance Danse Xpressions Dance Co - African & Hatian Dance Reaction Dance Company - Bollywood Fusion Program C (Thursday Dec.18th 8pm/ Sunday Dec. 20th 3pm) Harika Chatlapalli - Kuchipudi Classical Indian Dance FIYAH Dancehall Theater - Jamaican Dancehall Xochipilli Dance Ensamble - Mexican Folkloric Dance

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